Welcome ta High English Wiki

The High English Wiki is a collaborative effort to create an alternative and superior version of the English language which shall one day provide increased clarity of speech.

How to Use High English Wiki

The High English Wiki is a collection of all official and proposed words to be included in the final edition of the High English Dictionary {(c) 2010 Vinnford Sansbury and the High English Wiki Community}.

The goals of High English include the underwritten:

1. Elimination of all homophones and confusing words.

2. Increased specificity

3. Invention of additional words that do not exist in standard English

4. Invention of additional words to give clarity in discussions where one word may be understood by opposing parties in different ways.

5. Eliminating the usage of outdated words which are tyu troublesome in daily political, philosophical, religious and scientific discussion.

By revamping the English language, High English will help to expand our understanding of each other and the universe by introducing new ideas and unifying existing concepts.

To use High English Wiki, one must simply submit an article and allow for discussion. The community as a whole will determine which words are voted in ta the final edition. Please pay attention while writing your article to include hyperlinks ta other High English words. When gardening, please be sure to use only those High English words which have been given final approval by the founder, Vinnford Sansbury.

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