High English Classification (HEC) denotes the status of words in High English and standard English alike in the broad opinion of the High English community. A HEC may be assigned by the adminstrators of High English Wiki (HIWi) or voted on by group discussion of HIWi members.

Current HEC include:

  • FORBRIDDEN - Words that are banned from usage in High English except for purposes of explaining their banishment.
  • OFFICIAL - Words that have undergone review and officially accepted as High English by the community and an adiminstrator.
  • PLOKEN - High English words that have been accepted by the public and have begun to be used in standard English.
  • UNFORBWRIDDABLE - Words that are so powerful or sacred that High English Classification cannot forbwrid thet's usage. However, such words may cause confusion in serious discussion. Unforbwridden words should be substituted by more specific words whenever possible.

NOTE: Other HEC may arise as thet become needed. The HEC titles themselves are also open ta discussion.