Magic is a standard English word with conflicting definitions and is classified as a FORBRIDDEN term due to high degrees of contradiction, loose definitions, and polorizing terminology. (See High English Classification)

High English replaces "Magic" with more specific terms according to the speaker's intended definition:

  • Ajic - An additive and subtractive view of mysterious powers.
  • Alchemy - The classical pseudo-chemistry view of transmutation.
  • Anigic - An extension of one's will over inanimate objects and / or giving life to that which never had life.
  • Illujic - Power over someone else's mind to make them believe they see something which is not physically present in their immediate universe.
  • Jedic - Jedi abilities to channel the one unified unseen "Force" to do incredible feats beyond one's mortal limitations for the greater good.
  • Kigic - Also known as the channeling of ki, chi or reki, yet undefined bodily energies channeled for purposes of harm or healing.
  • Lawgic - (Pronounded with a hard "g") The art of using words to shape the will and reasoning of others.
  • Leogic - Similar to C.S. Lewis' Deep Magic, Leogic represents those yet undiscovered logic patterns and laws of the universe(s) which the Creator has put in place to allow for miraculous occurence without disruption of the surrounding classical and quantum laws of physics.
  • Lumic - The bending of light without the aid of mechanisms to create illusion, energy beams, etc...
  • Magibility - The observable will power to affect probabilities on the quantum ans sub-quantum levels of physics which resonate to the classical level of physics, creating the appearance of standard English magic and standard English miracles. This word replaces many instances of the Wiccan word, magick.
  • Malgic - Deceptive tatctic employed by demons or Satan to give the appearence that they have magic powers by lifting the limitations on human magibility temporarily for a specific purpose.
  • Managic - Tapping in to magibility resonance left over from an extremely unlikely event to enhance one's own magibility and well-being.
  • Mirga - Any scientifically unexplainable or extremely unlikely phenomena that appears to fall in to the category of standard English magic except for the fact that the source of the unexplained event appears to stem from prayer, holy beings or God and intervenes for the benefit of the faithful.
  • Nagic - Unexplainable or extremely unlikely phenomena enhanced or caused by sub-intelligent life forms.
  • Naturgic - Unexplainable or extremely unlikely phenomena brought about by an intelligent being harnessing the power of the magibility resonance of sub-intelligent life forms (nature).
  • Planargic - The ability to travel from one plane of existence to another without the aid of mechanisms.

NOTE: This list is far from complete and relies on the imagination of the community ta further define and clarify categories of magic.